What I Learned From My Appearances On Regis And Oprah

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Today’s post is first in a two-part series with Nancy Friedman, speaker, author, customer service expert and president of “the Telephone Doctor,” from St. Louis, Mo. As her own PR representative she’s appeared on CNN, Fox News, the Today Show, Regis and Oprah, along with a number of print publications including the  and various local/regional shows.

Nancy is candid about the how, when and where of the ways she pitched herself to these shows. In today’s post she talks about how she secured these placements (you could too) and gives details on why the appearances on Regis and Oprah produced less ammunition for her business and career than she’d hoped. In a future post we’ll talk further about the appearances that advanced her business and what she did in those cases, beyond the notoriety gained, that helped them go well….read more:

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