Learn how to handle angry customers and turn them into lifelong brand advocates

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Angry customers will take their business elsewhere if they feel their needs are not met. Conversely, if your service team is able to respond promptly, listen effectively and address their concerns completely, the customer often leaves the interaction more loyal than customers who never had a problem in the first place.

Is your service team equipped to turn difficult, emotional client interactions into positive ones?

If not, you should put a service recovery training program in place for your employees.’s customer service training courses will teach your customer service team a proven, six-step process for turning irate customers into lifelong brand advocates.

At the core of our ”Service Recovery” training is the idea that you need to do more than just solve the customer’s problem—you need to manage the customer’s feelings as well. They need to feel that you value them, their business and their future as a customer. If you fail to show an angry customer that you care, they will leave.

Our Service Recovery training videos will teach your client-facing employees how to handle rude, difficult or irate customers through actionable strategies. Our courses are scenario-based, meaning your team will see how to handle specific situations by watching real-to-life examples.

You can monitor their progress and look at their quiz scores online through our easy-to-use LMS platform, so you can easily keep track of your team’s progress.

In the age where angry customers can instantly reach thousands online with a bad review, you can’t afford bad service. Give your team the tools they need to satisfy customers, retain business and grow your bottom line.