How to Grow Your Business 101: The Power of Communication Skills Training

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Your language influences people. The way your employees write, speak and act has a huge impact on how your business is perceived.

Effective communication leads to greater customer retention and employee satisfaction. And, of course, it increases your organization’s bottom line. Bad communication, on the other hand, can cost your company in lost sales, high employee turnover and lessened productivity.

The solution is easy, right? Just communicate more effectively! But it’s not that simple. See, no one is born an eloquent writer or speaker—it has to be taught.

Luckily, you hired talented people. You just need to unlock your team’s potential as great communicators by teaching them how to approach real-life situations, such as handling disagreements with co-workers and angry client calls or responding to emails tactfully. You can’t control your customers, but you can train your team to handle difficult situations with grace.

That’s where communication skills training comes in—it’s a simple and affordable way to invest in your business’ future by arming your employees with the skills they need to help you grow it.

Service Skills offers an affordable, turnkey solution for this all-to-common problem. Our proven communication training modules provide actionable advice for handling common, real-life problems. We’ll give your team easy-to-use strategies for communicating with clients and other employees. Plus, the modules are all online, so your employees can watch the videos as they have time so the program doesn’t cut into your productivity.

After the training program, your employees will be quizzed on the information. Once they’ve earned their certification, they’ll be better able to clearly and confidently communicate with clients and each other.


4 ways communication skills training will help grow your business’ bottom line

There’s no silver bullet to growing your business. But there is a recipe for success, and it starts with training your team that can properly communicate their ideas. Effective communication provides both parties—customers and other employees—with clarity.

Business skills courses are a small investment that will pay dividends. As your organization’s communication skills improve through training, you’ll notice your bottom line grow for a number of reasons. Here are five ways Service Skills’ communication courses will positively impact your business:

  1. Your customers will be happier (and stay customers longer) Customers have questions. Customers have concerns. And they want to be met with answers. Customer care starts and ends with clear communication. When a customer feels listened to and cared for, they are less likely to leave. As an added bonus, happy customers are more likely to refer your organization to their friends and family.
  2. More customers means more revenue Businesses grow organically when they provide quality customer service. You’ll keep the customers you have, and be better able to sell yourself to potential customers.
  3. Set your employees up for success, and they’ll stay longer Your employees want to be understood—they just don’t know how to communicate with clarity. Give them the tools to succeed, and succeed they will.
  4. Clear communication reduces errors Internal cooperation is required in almost every business. If employees can correctly communicate to team members what needs to be done, the project will be completed more efficiently.

Effective communication is the key to growing your bottom line. Give your organization the tools they need to succeed. Learn how to harness the power of communication by reading our guide to effective communication.