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Neurodiversity At Work eLearning Series


ServiceSkills, America’s premier provider of customer service and soft skills training, announces the release of the newest addition to the ServiceSkills Library: Neurodiversity At Work. This new animated series is designed to build awareness to help organizations better support coworkers and customers who think, learn or operate differently from neurotypical team members.

Customer Service TrainingAccording to some estimates, between 13 and 20% of the adult population in the United States identifies as neurodivergent or has a label or diagnosis that falls under the umbrella of neurodivergence. Forms of neurodivergence include, but are not limited to, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and dyslexia. Developing a better understanding of neurodiversity will allow employers and their employees to better support as much as one fifth of their current or potential workforce and client base.

“Most employees are familiar with the traditional definitions of diversity in the workplace,” said David Friedman, ServiceSkills’ General Manager. “This new series addresses an important subset of diversity, involving coworkers and customers who, for a variety of reasons, might think, behave, work or learn differently than neurotypical coworkers. There are millions of American employees who are neurodivergent, and they have an enormous amount to contribute to employers if they’re properly supported. Providing appropriate support, respect and understanding to neurodivergent employees can improve their quality of life, productivity and employment experience, too.”

Our platforms and courses are designed for a diverse set of learners to meet the needs of our customers and their employees. Clients can choose between the hosted platform or from LMS courses for those with Learning Management Systems. ServiceSkills makes it simple to roll out world-class eLearning to the entire organization. Subscriptions include video lessons with accompanying written transcripts, quizzes and helpful answer feedback that allow employees to work through courses at their own pace. Additionally, they feature a robust administrative management system which empowers supervisors to assign courses, monitor progress, recognize performance gaps and celebrate course completion – on both individual and team levels.

ABOUT: St. Louis-based ServiceSkills provides eLearning which helps team members improve the way they communicate with customers and coworkers. With roots as Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Training, ServiceSkills has grown their online library to 17 distinct eLearning series which offer hundreds of individual training modules designed to tackle key customer service and soft skill challenges which businesses face today. Course topics cover the spectrum from customer service, coaching skills, team building topics, respectful workplace issues, email etiquette, online meetings and more. No obligation demos are available.

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