Employee Development Courses

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High-quality skills training designed to boost employee performance—and your organization’s bottom line

One of the biggest struggles for management is this: determining how to effectively train new and existing employees to improve their performance, reduce turnover and, ultimately, increase your company’s bottom line.

The answer is simple—your company needs a proven employee development program in place to give your team the skills they need to be successful, or they’ll leave.

For many companies across the nation,’s library of 120+ business, soft skills and customer service training courses was the answer. Our employee development program is not only effective—it’s affordable and easy to implement.

Organizations like Symantec, Florida International University and Visa have used our platform to teach their employees the skills they need to be successful and, ultimately, drive profit growth for their companies. You can, too.

Employee development just got a whole lot easier

(And more effective)

REDUCE TURNOVER1 in 3 employees leave a company within the first year—which can cost nearly 3x that person’s salary! gives you an affordable and effective way to teach your employees the business and soft skills they need to be successful in their positions, reducing turnover (and the expenses associated with it.)

BOOST PERFORMANCE – Worldwide, only about 13 percent of employees are “engaged” at their jobs. Employee development programs like skills training are very important to your employees—give them what they want and see a drastic increase in their performance.’s engaging library of business courses makes it easy to get started today!

INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE – Lower turnover and better performance directly impacts your company’s bottom line. In fact, companies that have an effective employee development program—like’s affordable course offerings—can boost their profits by as much as 24 percent! Develop your employees’ skills—and grow your profits!