SCORM & AICC Compliant

Service Skills LMS Courses

Are these courses SCORM or AICC compliant?

Yes! Every training series featured on is also available in SCORM or AICC compliant eLearning modules and ready for installation onto your existing Learning Management System.

So what does that mean? Think about it like this: when you download a song you know it’ll play on your computer, phone or tablet. That’s because these devices are configured to be compliant to a well established standard.

Since we know a wide variety of clients have deployed a Learning Management System, our courses abide by both SCORM and AICC standards. We want our training to be as easy to implement as possible.

So what do SCORM and AICC mean?

SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) standards have grown to become the standard for most LMS systems nationwide. Because our courses are SCORM-compliant, they are broadly compatible with a wide variety of LMS systems. You can simply ”plug and play,” or upload our videos and integrate them seamlessly into your company’s existing LMS system.

AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Committee) is another set of standards that exists in the training industry. While they started in the aviation industry, many other verticals have adopted the standard. If your LMS system abides by AICC standards, our training courses will integrate seamlessly into your system.

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