Email MattersSM: The Art of Better Service

Business Email & Writing Skills Training

72 percent of customers prefer email to any other form of communication.

Email Matters™ is designed to ensure your team is equipped to provide top-notch customer service via email. This series of 18 scenario-based courses will teach your team a string of best practices that can substantially improve the quality of the service your team delivers via email.

Your customer service team will learn how to write warm, engaging emails that keep customers coming back!
And, because each short course ends with a quiz, you can monitor your team’s completion and success.
Here’s what each Email Matters™ course will cover:

Course 1: Face-to-face Communication Vs. Email
To understand how to use email effectively, your employees first need to understand how it differs with face-to-face communication. In this course, your employees will learn the benefits—and limitations—of email communication.

Course 2: Subject Line
While it’s easy to gloss over, the subject line is very important—it’s the first thing the recipient sees when they read your email. This course teaches your employees how to write concise, clear and noticeable subject lines.

Course 3: Address Fields
Address fields (i.e., TO, CC and BCC) are some of the hardest things to get right. This course walks your team through how to use address fields correctly.

Course 4: Opening and Closing Lines
Opening and closing lines frame your email, and set the tone for the whole message. We’ll teach your employees how to write a warm greeting and closing.

Course 5: Composing a Message
This course will give your team our proven recipe for writing effective emails. We’ll show them how to achieve the desired tone and communicate the desired message.

Course 6: Proofreading
Spelling errors and punctuation mistakes undermine the message of any email. This course will give your employees a checklist to run through before hitting ‘SEND.’

Course 7: Message Length
Brevity is key when it comes to email communication. We’ll teach your employees the golden rule of email writing—less is more—and how to incorporate that idea into their own writing.

Course 8: Writing with Conviction
Weak wording does not instill confidence in your email’s recipient. We’ll teach your team how to write with conviction.

Course 9: Jargon and Shortcuts
Many fall into the trap of being too casual in business email writing. Abbreviations and industry “jargon” should be avoided at all costs. We’ll teach your team how to write professionally in emails.

Course 10: Respond Promptly
This course will touch on what, exactly, should be in your employee’s out-of-office replies, as well as how quickly your employees should respond to client emails.

Course 11: Confidentiality
Your employees will be given actionable tips to avoid some of the confidentiality pitfalls of email communication.

Course 12: Handling Irate Customers
We’ll teach your team our proven Telephone Doctor® ASAP technique to handle irate customers, which allows you to satisfy most people most of the time.

Course 13: Replying to All
‘Reply All’ is an incredibly useful email feature. It can also lead to disaster. This course will teach your employees when—if at all—it’s a good idea to hit ‘Reply All.’

Course 14: Humor in Email
Humor in emails is risky. This course covers situations when humor is okay, and when it can be offensive or ill-received by the recipient.

Course 15: Tools for Emphasis
This course will teach your team how to deliver the desired tone via email. It explains the importance of font, size and formatting to the way a message might be interpreted by the recipient.

Course 16: Authoring Emails When Angry
Emails last forever. This course offers ways to respond to an email when angry, and how to avoid being perceived as bitter or negative.

Course 17: Internal Customer Service
This course introduces the idea that internal communication should be treated the same as external communication. It teaches your team how to implement our time-tested WACTEO (“We Are Customers To Each Other”) technique into their day-to-day work lives.

Course 18: Inappropriate Topics
Our final Email Matters™ course teaches your employees which topics are off limits, and how to avoid offending customers or co-workers.

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