What to Expect from ServiceSkills

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What to expect when you choose training from ServiceSkills

So, you’ve made the decision to invest in your employees and engage with a customer service skills training provider. You’re aware that this is an important choice, because, as you’ve probably noticed in your initial searches, not all customer service skills training is created equally. Some providers are all talk, with flashy marketing and appealing promises, but their actual service doesn’t offer your employees anything practical or innovative. Other providers might have training which seems like a perfect fit, but they let you down in some other way – perhaps in not offering options available within your budget, by being difficult to work with or by not providing any follow-up support. 

If you’re going to be investing in customer service skills training from a provider, you’ll want to ensure that the company itself is providing the kind of outstanding customer service that you’d like to see your own employees delivering. After all, if the provider doesn’t walk the walk, why should you trust anything they say? Choose an organization who provides the type of experience you wish to emulate in your own business. 

Customer service experience

Now, you’ve probably read up about how to choose the best training provider for your business, and you’ve come across ServiceSkills as a potential option, but you’d like to know a bit more before you move forward. That’s understandable! While we provide a comprehensive and dynamic experience for your organization that can’t truly be distilled into only a few points, we’ll tell you a bit more about three specific things you can expect when you engage with ServiceSkills.

  1. Attention from a customer service expert

As a training provider who has been in the industry for a while now, we know that this is an important choice and that it can be a difficult one to navigate. We have a team of customer service experts who know our catalogue inside and out and will work with you to find the right options for your team’s needs. Our representatives are frequently praised for the level of service they provide, demonstrating that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to service, and we put that into action. 

Unless absolutely necessary, your customer service expert won’t push you from person to person, either. You’ll have one go-to contact to streamline the process and eliminate the time and frustration involved with dealing with multiple people.  

  1. Choice!

Our library is extensive, meaning that when selecting the best training for your team, you’ll be able to choose from a diverse range of courses covering any skills you might need. These range from the most basic selling skills to the advanced skills that will take your employees from pretty good to really great. Your customer service expert will be happy to talk with you to evaluate your needs and match you to the training course(s) that will meet those needs most effectively and efficiently, taking into account the size of your team, your industry and other important variables. 

While we’re proud of our existing library, which covers topics that many other service providers don’t, we’re also dedicated to improvement. We’re constantly working in the background to develop new courses and update existing courses. We’re not content to let our content become outdated and stale while your organization confronts new challenges in today’s world. Instead, we evaluate our offerings to identify gaps and areas of improvement. However, that doesn’t mean that our library is time-bound or only relevant in the current moment. On the contrary, we work hard to ensure that the skills your employees learn are timeless. 

  1. Follow up service

Just as we teach in our courses, it’s not enough to simply provide good service and leave the customer there. It’s best practice to keep the line of communication with customers open to ensure that their needs continue to be met, and any difficulties they might encounter are dealt with swiftly. You can expect the same treatment. Our dedicated team will be there for you from your first expression of interest through your entire experience with our training platform.

If you’d like to know more or you’re ready to get started, reach out to a ServiceSkills representative today. We’d be happy to tell you more about what you can expect from working with us.